Azerbaijan to mark Abai’s 175th birth anniversary

One of the busiest streets in the capital of Azerbaijan has been named after the great Kazakh poet and philosopher Abai Kunanbaiuly since 2011. There is also a memorial plaque honoring the great Kazakh educator along the street of the same name. It helps Baku resident to learn more about the Kazakh writer and his literary legacy. 

According to a resident of Baku, Khagigat Kadirova Abai Kunanbaiuly is a famous Kazakh poet. Everyone in Baku knows about him and the historical significance of that street.

“I’ve learned that Abai is a great Kazakh poet at the university. Our streets are often named after poets and famous people. With the help of the information written on the memorial plaque, the young people of Baku can learn about Abai Kunanbaiuly,” said a resident of Baku, Kyamalya Shukurova.

Just like many other Turkic countries, Azerbaijan will also celebrate Abai’s 175th birth anniversary. The celebrations will include conferences, art events, concerts, and festivities. Some of the events will be held on the street of Abai.

“We have an idea of an event on that street. I believe that it will be memorable for the residents of the neighborhood. This year gives us a good opportunity to learn more about Abai, an important figure in the history of a brotherly nation,” said philologist, Firuza Agayeva.