Renaissance of Abai’s Musical Heritage

A unique album of Abai Kunanbaiuly’s musical heritage will be released this year. It will comprise not only the original songs and kuis by the famous writer, composer, and philosopher, but also the songs of other composers written to the lyrics of the great poet.

The heritage of Abai, which to this day has a special place in the Kazakh literature, was discussed by the researchers and scholars in Nur-Sultan. According to the meeting’s participants, following Abai, new melodic rhythms and principles of using the artistic and expressive language were introduced to folk songs. In total, more than 40 musical compositions by Abai have been preserved to this day.

“All this work has been done with the main goal – to preserve Abai’s rich heritage. The plan for collecting all his pieces from different parts of the country has been approved. Next, we will need to conduct a thorough analysis. I am sure that people engaged in this work, will be able to succeed. I also think we will need to provide a brief description of the songs for the younger generation. The young people studying Abai’s works might find it beneficial,” said Tolganai Sembayev, Professor of Kazakh National University of Arts.