Previously Unpublished Works of Ilyas Zhansugirov to be Issued

18 previously unpublished works of Ilyas Zhansugirov will be issued. The unpublished works of the poet of Kazakh literature were found in Russian archives. Local researchers presented it to the public as a result of the scientific expedition. One of the works won the main award of the competition dedicated to the legacy of Ilyas Zhansugirov. Young journalists and writers of Kazakhstan took part in the contest. Only seven samples were selected out of 135.

“He lived only 44 years and left such a rich legacy. Previously unknown documents, facts and details about Ilyas Zhansugirov’s life were found during the expedition in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Copies of the unpublished works were sent to Kazakhstan. They will be available in electronic format this February. Then, they will be printed,” said writer and researcher, Yeldos Toktarbai.