Experts’ Opinion on President’s Article Dedicated to 175th Anniversary of Abai

The article of the President of Kazakhstan dedicated to the 175th anniversary of great philosopher, Abai Kunanbaiuly, is cited in different sources. Literary critics from Almaty emphasized that Abai’s cultural legacy contributes to the spiritual development of people in Kazakhstan.

“Every word of Abai is aimed at nurturing the right nation. In his article, the Head of State calls on the attention on the teachings of the great poet. I quote: “To know Abai is to know yourself.” It is very important that the interpretation of the great poet’s works is given recognition at the state level,” said Director of M. Auezov Institute of Literature and Art, Kenzhekhan Matyzhanov.

Head of the Abai Research Center, Abat Pangereyev, is confident that the teachings of the philosopher will always be timely relevant.

“Abai’s works are our spiritual legacy. His words and poems showcase the worldview of our people. Abai’s words will be always relevant. His thoughts, creativity and works are similar to a bridge that connects us with history and helps us to develop mentally. He managed to establish this cultural connection with other nations,” said Head of Abai Research Center, Abat Pangereyev.