South Korea to Study Works of Abai

The works of Abai will be studied in South Korea this year. The works of the Kazakh poet and thinker will be translated into Korean at the Eurasian Institute of Turkology.

According to the director of the institute, the translation will help Koreans to learn more about the culture and history of Kazakhstan. A literary symposium, dedicated to the works of Abai, is planned to be held next year.

“I think that Abai’s works will be understandable to Koreans. The residents of our country are familiar with the sense of the national spirit, people’s movement, and efforts to preserve spiritual culture. All of this was described in the works of Abai. I believe that the works of the Kazakh poet and educator will become a valuable bridge for the spiritual unification of Kazakhs and Koreans. It is not easy to make the translation of the works, but printing the books is even more difficult. If only Kazakhstan would provide us with some support in terms of financial, our work would become easier,” said Director of Eurasian Institute of Turkology, Oh Eun-Gyeong.