Kazakhtsan Entered Top 5 for Traveling in 2020


Kazakhstan is among the best countries for fans of active and adventure tourism. According to British Backpacker Society, the country is 5th in the ranking of must-visit states in 2020.

These were the results of the vote of international experts in the field of tourism. The study has been conducted since 2010. Analysts say that adventure tourism is becoming a global trend, especially among the younger generation. Travelers more often choose unknown and unexplored destinations, seeking to gain a unique experience.

“We have a lot of places for backpackers to travel to; this includes Almaty and Almaty region. There are a lot of natural sites worth-visiting in this region. Among them are Charyn Canyon, mountains, our wonderful mountain lakes and national parks. Western Kazakhstan should be noted as well. It also is rich with unique natural sites such as Ustyurt Plateau, Boszhyra and Turysh. This is exactly what a backpacker needs. Not every country has such wonderful places to travel to that were beautifully created by nature itself. In this regard, the nature of Eastern Kazakhstan is also attractive as well as Burabai. These are the top destinations that will attract backpackers like magnet,” said Chief Manager of Department of Kazakh Tourism National Company, Yernur Kenzhebekov.

Local experts emphasized that Kazakhstan is attractive to foreign tourists not only due its unique nature. The travelers have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of tourist activities related to both winter and summer leisure.

Most of all, foreign tourists are interested to learn about the distinctive culture of nomads of the Great Steppe. This is possible through the popularization of national sports, way of life and cuisine.

Photo: yandex.com