Electricity Consumption in Kazakhstan Totaled 105 Billion Kilowatt-Hours in 2019

Nearly 40 dispatchers of the Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company will be working on New Year’s Eve. This is a special time for the KEGOC Company. The load on electric networks increases as residents in Kazakhstan consume electricity three times more on December 31st. On the New Year, the dispatchers will monitor the flow of electricity throughout the country to ensure the smooth operation on the holiday.

“The dispatcher is always here all day and night. His or her job is to provide rest to others. The dispatcher is always ready to solve the problems even without management. He or she has to work continuously to provide electricity for trains, planes as well as factories. The dispatcher’s work is comparable to the state level job,” said Director of Kegoc National Dispatch Centre of System Operator, Yeraly Shinasilov.

This is the center of the entire power system in Kazakhstan. Thousands of kilometers of electricity lines are displayed on a digital board with the size of twelve and four meters. The board gives information about how much electricity is generated by power plants and how much electricity is consumed in Kazakhstan. It also displays location of an accident and where to send electricians to deal with emergency situations. Only four dispatchers are engaged in this challenging job.

“It is more of a stressful mode which requires more coordination and tension. The KEGOC Company has modernized and upgraded the power plants to provide everyone with electricity and smooth flow of energy during the New Year’s Eve,” said Deputy Head of Dispatch Service of Kegoc National Dispatch Centre of System Operator, Stanislav Karbanyov.

In normal mode, the dispatchers work around the clock all 365 days a year. In addition to the head metropolitan dispatch center, there are another nine regional branches operating in Kazakhstan.

Photо: informburo.kz