Housing Construction Savings Bank Shows Record Growth Rates in 2019

2019 has become the year of happy families for the Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan. The Bakytty Otbasy program instructed by the First President of Kazakhstan has become the most favorite product offered by the bank since the first days of its introduction.

Over the last five months, more than 4,000 families have celebrated their housewarmings in Kazakhstan, while another 740 families are in the process of choosing their own house.

“5,000 of our homebuyers, who have submitted their applications from July until August, are low income, single-parent or large families. We’ve completely redesigned our business processes, in order to offer the opportunity for our clients to choose a house that suits them best in the property market,” said Chairperson of Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, Lyazzat Ibragimova.

According to Lyazzat Ibragimova, the Housing Construction Savings Bank has developed a unique service ecosystem based on IT technologies. However, the main focus of the bank is customer service.

“We are the first bank in the country that has canceled the acceptance and withdrawal of title and collateral documents. Recently, we have stopped requesting for these documents. It was problematic in terms of typical details, when a homebuyer needed to legalize or add changes into the document,” said Deputy Chairperson of Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, Adlet Kozhanbayev.

1.5 million people in Kazakhstan have put aside their savings for future apartments and houses in the Housing Construction Savings Bank. The homebuyers are entitled to the 20 percent bonus given by the state for a limit of savings not more than 505,000 Tenge.

Photо: pavlodarnews.kz