New Environmental Code has been Presented to the Government

A new Environmental Code which was developed taking into account the experience of advanced countries has been presented to the Government. The document contains seven basic principles.

The Ministry highlighted that; in particular, industrial enterprises will be exempted from payment for carbon emissions subject to the introduction of green technologies. Otherwise, their payments rates will be increased.

The amount of emissions in Europe at one time was reduced by 94 percent due to the similar principle. The draft code also includes mandatory financing of environmental protection due to incoming environmental payments in the amount of 100 percent. To date, the indicator is estimated at 45 percent.

“The new code has been developed taking into account the OECD experience in environmental regulation area. During the development process, the Code was widely discussed with the public and the business community in the regions. During the discussions, more than 2,000 suggestions were received from the public. Many of the suggestions have been included in the Code,” said Kazakh Minister of Ecology of Geology and Natural Resources, Magzum Mirzagaliyev.