Interfaith Dialogue – Path To Ensuring Peace

The interfaith dialogue is the path to ensuring peace and security. Hungarian theologian, Szabolcs Nagypal opined that it is one of the ways to maintain trust in the international community amid increasing globalization processes and threats.

The Congress of Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions has been held in Kazakhstan for 16 years. This is an effective platform of the world level which contributes to mutual understanding as well as allows religious figures from different countries to jointly find solutions to the current issues.

“It’s our responsibility how to drive this process. As to make it positive process, religions are challenged to cooperate with each other in helping solving the problems of the world. Also during this encounter, they can be inspired by each other not only culturally, but I believe that in this interreligious dialogue we can be inspirations towards each other. It seems that in globalization, there is a constantly evaluation of the values and religions, I believe, should play an important role in this,” said Hungarian Theologian, Szabolcs Nagypal.