Tengrism - Ancient Philosophy of Nomadic Civilization

Scientist Arman Nurmukhanbetov wrote a book, Kasiet, which provides an insight into the spiritual world of the Great Steppe as well as information about origins of traditions, cultural values of nomadic civilizations and ancient cults of the Turkic people.

The book is based on a series of published research that the scientist conducted. The influence of Tengrism has resulted in the knowledge of erecting monuments, naming children with the names of ancestors as well as the worship of holy sky, animals, trees and mountains.

Arman Nurmukhanbetov claimed that the Cult of Tengri and the God of the Sky reflect the high level of spiritual development of the Turkics. Tengrism continues to be an educational topic of rich cultural heritage of mankind.

“Tengrism has been preserved in traditions and in the lifestyle of nomads’ descendants. First of all, nomads recognized the laws of heaven and nature. The nomads considered themselves as part of this nature, so most of the traditions have survived to this day. The ancient customs of ancestors have been preserved well in the nomadic communities of Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Bashkirs and Turkmens,” said historian, Arman Nurmukhanbetov.

Photо: youtube.com