Khabar Agency Wins the Choice of the Year Award

Khabar Agency has won the prestigious “Choice of the Year” award. The Khabar TV channel was nominated in the category of “For Contribution to the Development of Local Television”. The award ceremony took place in Almaty.

Khabar Agency has four TV channels. One of the channels, Kazakh TV, broadcasts in five languages day and night. Thousands of stories have been told in hundreds of programs and TV series over the year. New projects have quickly become popular while old programs continue to be watched due to the information shared to the viewers. The well-known Kazakh media agency has big plans for 2020.

“The national and public recognition is very important. This is what motivates and inspires us to create new content and to attract a new generation of viewers. There will be a lot of projects in entertainment and documentary including movies, series, shows and new talk shows. Therefore, we have something to surprise our viewers,” said Director of Almaty Office of Khabar Agency, Kymbat Khangeldina.