By 2025 Funding for Science will Increase by 10 Times

Kazakhstan plans to increase its funding for science by 10 times by 2025. At a Government meeting recently, Kazakh Minister of Education and Science, Askhat Aimagambetov said that 43 billion Tenge was allocated for the development of science in the country this year, while the grant will be increased to 431 billion Tenge by 2025.

The President of Kazakhstan has instructed to allocate more than three billion Tenge annually to support young scientists. According to the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science, reinforcement in the potential of science is an important guarantee for the economic development in Kazkahstan.

“Previously, the competition for grants is held once every three years but from next year it will be held annually. This is good news and genuine support for scientists. A separate budget program will be created to strengthen the material and technical facilities of the research institutions and we have started working on it. The development of scientists’ digital skills will also be studied for the modernization and digital transformation of the scientific infrastructure,” Aimagambetov said.