Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Granted State and Public Awards

The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has granted public and state awards. On the eve of the Independence Day in Kazakhstan, it is common that a number of Kazakh citizens are treated with special respect.

Members of the Assembly, ethnocultural associations as well as representatives of creative and research areas were awarded for their significant contribution to socio-economic development in the country, reinforcement of inter-ethnic cooperation and the active public citizenship with titles such as Kurmet, Yeren enbegi ushin and Birlik gold medals as well as Zhomart zhan and Meyirim badges.

“It's good when our hard work is recognized. I think that is the right way. Meanwhile, I think that the award and the given respect will be a good start for new initiatives and higher achievements. There is a saying that people who are united have accomplishments. If we are united, we can guarantee the independence of our state and strengths of the walls,” said Member of Mazhilis of Lower House of Kazakh Parliament, Omarkhan Oksikbayev.