Uniting Countries Diplomatic Photo Exhibition Opened in Capital City

Uniting countries. A diplomatic photo exhibition dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazkahstan has opened in the capital city. The unique exhibition, sponsored by the United Nations, showcases a series of documentary and archival exhibits in the Kazakh National Museum.

These are photographs from historical diplomatic meetings with countries such as India, Korea, Kuwait, China, Morocco, France and the United Arab Emirates, as well as informative videos presented by the embassies participating in the event.

According to the organizers of the exhibition, each photo tells about the most significant events in the history of the development of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and foreign countries.The exhibition will last for one month.  

“Kazakhstan in the international arena is perceived as a generator of stability, a model of prosperity and dynamic state development. In addition, one of the most important achievements is that our country is recognized as the leader of the global anti-nuclear movement. I am sure that this exhibition will garner a great interest among the guests, who will be able to see how friendly the relations of Kazakhstan with all of the foreign countries are. The official documents and gratitude letters of the First President of Kazakhstan are also displayed here,” said Guide of Kazakh National Museum, Nazerke Zhaksylykova.

Photо: old.elorda.info