Nur-Sultan Host Forum of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

Nur-Sultan Host Forum of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

The role of Kazakh language as a state language is becoming increasingly important. Some of the ethnic groups speak Kazakh fluently. In Nur-Sultan, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has organized the Interethnic Language of the Great Steppe Forum dedicated to the Independence Day in Kazakhstan.

100 ethnicities from different regions of the country attended the event which is held for the first time in the capital. During the forum, participants shared their experience of learning the Kazakh language.

 “I have decided to study Kazakh language. When I just arrived in Kazakhstan, I spoke Russian frequently. But now I speak a lot in Kazakh. Now the Kazakh alphabet is switching to the Latin alphabet. I believe that the popularity and the level of people’s knowledge of Kazakh language will further increase. I think that it will become much easier for foreigners to read in your language, because when I started learning Kazakh, I had to learn and master the Cyrillic alphabet first,” said Staff of South Korean Embassy In Kazakhstan, Young Min Chu.

“I’m a citizen of Russia. I studied at the Russian public school, and I learned Kazakh thanks to my Kazakh teachers. People used to tell me that I have to learn Kazakh because I live in Kazakhstan. They told me even if I’m Russian, I won’t be able to communicate with people in the street since I don’t speak Kazakh. I was told that it’s a shame to speak English without being fluent in Kazakh. After these words, I started studying Kazakh,” said Student of Dulati Taraz State University, Rusalina Pryakhina.

Citizens who contributed to the development of Kazakh language have been awarded with a Letter of Appreciation on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan.