Kurultai of Kazakh Students was Held in Turkey


The first kurultai of Kazakh students was held in Sakarya, Turkey. The event was held as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. In three days, 250 youths from more than 30 Turkish cities discussed about the significance and importance of the outgoing year, which is declared as the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan.

“Our main goal is to unite Kazakh students who are studying abroad. We must not forget about our nation, and about the cultural and spiritual wealth that we possess,” said student, Lyaziza Nurpeis.

“We are fraternal people. Based on the annual tradition, such celebration events are being held prior to Kazakh Independence Day. We are happy to discuss the development and success of Kazakhstan,” said Mayor of Sakarya of Turkey, Ekrem Yuce.

Photо: 24.kz