Kazakh Forensic Experts Completed Internship in London

28 forensic experts from Kazakhstan have completed an internship in the King’s College London under the Bolashak International program.

Kazakh forensic specialists have visited laboratories of forensic examination and have received an access to participate in the reporting session of a meeting of the Science and Technology Committee of the UK House of Lords, and they also have monitored court trials at the Old Bailey.

In addition, the specialists had an opportunity to attend lectures and practical classes of molecular-genetic, chemical and toxicological studies.

“Yes, of course, it was a useful experience for our experts, since they have gained a new experience on various types of research and have learned new methods that they can apply in Kazakhstan in the future. They also have studied the UK system of forensic science,” said Deputy Director of Aktobe Interregional Center of Forensic Examinations, Dauren Gabdulmulinov.

The study of forensic expertise of the UK and the experience gained are very important for Kazakhstan. The country’s judicial system is undergoing a reform while two ministries – the Kazakh Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Justice is being merged. The sphere is moving towards a competitive environment in the country.

- The UK experience in terms of the privatization of forensic science has been very mixed. There are a lot of advantages, but there are also a lot of challenges that we need to address within the future. Hopefully, informing students from other countries will help to avoid some of the mistakes that the UK has made and implement privatized system a lot more smoothly,” said Researcher of King’s College London, James Gooch.

Meanwhile, interns from Kazakhstan have also visited laboratories in South Korea as part of the program.

Photо: tengrinews.kz