Kazakhstan Expands Transit Potential

The largest project on the transit potential of Kazakhstan has been launched in Nur-Sultan. The south-western highway will allow transit vehicles to bypass the city, which will result in the reduction of traffic in the streets.

The total length of the highway is 87 kilometers. It is expected that 7,000 cars will be using the four-lane highway every day. The ecology of the capital is also expected to be improved with the new road.

The project is targeted to be completed in the summer of next year. The project is a joint-venture partnership between Kazakh and Chinese companies and is implemented as part of the Nurly Zhol program.

“Construction of the highway is the most complex engineering project with interchanges and bridges. This project will significantly contribute to the development of transport infrastructure as well as increase the effectiveness of transportation system in Nur-Sultan. Today, the high-quality and safe highway projects are being implemented in the Central-South, Central-East, and Central-West routes, and it will provide the connection from south to north and from west to east of the country from the capital,” said Kazakh Prime Minister, Askar Mamin.

Photо: primeminister.kz