Nur-Sultan Hosted International Round Table Session

Nur-Sultan has hosted an international round table session, “Otandastar – Benchmark for the Future” in order to strengthen the cultural relations between Kazakh diasporas overseas and their historical homeland.

The event gathered 150 ethnic Kazakhs from 26 states who each have contributed to the preservation of native traditions.

“We are raising very important questions. Thanks to the First President, we have opened the Otandastar Foundation which supports us. It is very important for us. Now we have Kazakh language online courses due to this. We cooperate with the University of Shakarim where we send people for language courses,” said Chairperson of Kazakh Community of Sweden, Murat Yermish.

Projects of the Foundation, results of the activities and working plan for 2020 were also presented at the meeting. Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development, Dauren Abayev, said that the procedures to obtain a Kazakhstan passport will be simplified for ethnic Kazakhs.

“We have simplified all the processes, starting from applying for the status to issuing Kazakh passport to them. We have taken such measures such as reducing the number of necessary documents from 46 to 20. All paperwork services will be provided in only one place on a single-window system,” said Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development, Dauren Abayev.

The Head of Ministry also said that the duration of paperwork will be reduced from six to three months. The new procedures will come into force next year. The Otandastar Foundation plans to hold a large forum to present the results of its work in spring next year.