Turkey Donated 10,000 Books to Kazakhstan

Turkey has donated 10,000 books to Kazakhstan as part of the Book is the Strongest Bridge project. 5,000 books out of the total have been transferred to the national library in Nur-Sultan.

The project is implemented by Turkey's Professional Organization of Authors of Intellectual and Artistic Works, Ilesam.

The organization’s representatives said that the books donated are history, literature, psychology and sociology books. There are also encyclopedias and various dictionaries. Turkey initiated the unique project last year.

Previously 15,000 books were donated to Azerbaijan. This year, besides Kazakhstan, an additional of 10,000 books will be donated to Kyrgyzstan, and next year (the campaign will continue in Uzbekistan and the Baltic countries.

“In addition to these 5,000 books in Nur-Sultan, an additional of 5,000 books will be transferred to the libraries and educational institutions in Almaty. We want prominent scholars and leaders of the Turkic world in history, culture, literature and technology to know each other well and to get to know about each other’s works. For this purpose, the main connecting link should be a book, which is the main source of knowledge and wisdom,” said Head of Ilesam Organization, Mehmet Nuri Parmaksiz.

Photо: 2GIS