Kazakh Capital Host Events Dedicated to the Day of First President

Over 100 events are being held at the Nazarbayev Center in conjunction with the celebration of the Day of the First President. The events include various art exhibitions, book expositions, international exhibitions, lectures and also meetings with school and university students.

The event is held in order to introduce to Kazakh and foreign visitors the historical role of Nursultan Nazarbayev in the formation of Kazakhstan’s statehood, promotion of reforms, global peacekeeping and integration initiatives as well as strengthening the international status of the country.

A film week will also be organized with movies such as The Sky of My Childhood, The River of Fire, Breaking the Vicious Cycle and The Leader’s Path epic as an entertainment to the residents and tourists of the capital city.

“Films play a huge role in the upbringing and education of the young generation including children and students as well as the entire population. Currently, films also play an important patriotic role for every citizen of the country, especially for the youth. We came to this realization thanks to our First President and with participation of the all Kazakh people,” said Director of Library of the First President of Kazakhstan, Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov.

Photо: ru.zhambylnews.kz