Nur-Sultan Hosted Scientific Conference

Kazakhstan’s capital hosted a research and practical conference, The First President and the Country: Stability, Creativity and Continuity, dedicated to the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan.

The First President’s colleagues, public figures, people in academia, professors and young people of the capital, who worked together with the First President during the years of independence, took part in the event.

They shared their thoughts on the political and public activity of the First President as well as his creative way of thinking. The event, organized by the capital's mayor’s office, is aimed at educating the youth about the love for the homeland.

“We tell the young people about the main role of the Leader of the Nation in the formation of the independence of Kazakhstan, our statehood, sharing the borders of the republic, solving problems related to global environmental disasters, the landmark initiative of the First President of the country to transfer the capital from Almaty to Akmola. It is also important to emphasize the special role of the Leader of the Nation, Nursultan Nazarbayev in strengthening the institution of the leadership and democratization of society. The historical milestones of modern Kazakhstan are forever associated with his name,” said Chairperson of Jas Otan Youth Organization, Daulet Karibek.