Nur-Sultan Hosted the International Day of Revival of Turkic Writing

Nur-Sultan hosted the International Day of Revival of Turkic Writing celebration for the first time. The event, held in the National Museum, was attended by famous scientists, art historians and public figures of the country who said that ancient Turkic inscriptions are found in the territories of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Mongolia. In Kazakhstan, the inscriptions were found in Zhambyl, East Kazakhstan and Almaty regions.

Experts highlighted that the artifacts do not only have historical importance, but also are a valuable source of information on transformation of the language.

The artifacts also provide information on ethno genesis, geography and written culture of all Turkic-speaking nations of the world.

Organizers of the event said that this year, Azerbaijan and Turkey mark the Day of Turkic Writing as well.

“It was the initiative from Kazakhstan to make this into an international day, in order for this holiday to be celebrated in all countries. We have carefully prepared for this day. We made a phrase for all the Turkic countries and we performed a lot of flash mobs. 15 countries have responded so far. We see that all the Turkic nations have expressed interest in a common unity,” said Chairperson of Ulu Budun Public Association, Meruyert Kurmangaliyeva.