Large Scale International Expedition to Begin in Next Year

Four countries are packaged into one product. Representatives of tourism industry of Kazakhstan said that Central Asian countries plan to further cooperate in searching mutual interests to promote the common tourism brand, The Silk Road.

“The main task of the Silk Road redevelopment is not just to create the continuous traffic of people, but also to enjoy material and spiritual benefit. Because when you want to become interesting for foreign tourist, you can do that only if you show your originality. Therefore, it will provide a platform or an impetus to revive the traditional folk arts, crafts, national cuisine as well as customs and traditions,” said Deputy Chairperson of Kazakh Tourism, Timur Duisengaliyev.

A large scale international expedition will begin in May next year. The expedition will cover the most attractive destinations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for tourists.

The group of experts taking part in the event include travel bloggers, tour operators, members of geographic community and journalists, who will travel over 4,000 kilometers in 32 days. The destinations that is aimed for propaganda and popularization of the region’s tourism potential will include territories of national parks, nature reserves and objects which have entered into the list of the UNESCO World Heritage.

“We used developments that we already had. There is a popular route from Almaty to the East, including trips to the Golden Man, the Charyn Canyon, Kulsai Lake and Karkara valley. This is the first part of the route. The second segment is the territory of Kyrgyzstan, including Issyk-Kul, monuments in the Osh city, mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan and then the Ferghana Valley in Uzbekistan. Then the journey continues in the Pamir Mountains which is the territory of Tajikistan. Then the tour exits Tajikistan through Panj and the Iskander-Kul and heads to Samarkand. Then the route ends in Tashkent and travelers can fly from Tashkent to their home,” Duisengaliyev said.

Analysts highlighted the revival of the Silk Road via the creation of cross-border routes which will positively affect the socio-economic situation of all countries in the region.

Most importantly, it’s necessary not only to create and promote a joint tourism product, but also to create a developed infrastructure as well as to improve the quality of the service sector. Negotiations with local authorities continue in this area and the business community is actively contributing.