Nur-Sultan Hosted Tenge – Symbol of Independence Exhibition

Tenge, the currency of Kazakhstan will mark its 26th anniversary on November 15th. The introduction of the currency gave a decisive impetus not only to the development of market relations, but also to the formation of effective financial system of the state.

Moreover, the formation of the Tenge also became an important and integral part of strengthening Kazakhstan’s independence.

First samples, archival documents and important materials dedicated to the formation, development and evolution of the currency of Kazakhstan are being presented at an exhibition held in Nur-Sultan. A unique collection of historically valuable banknotes and coins are displayed at the exposition as well.

“Our exhibition is called Tenge - A Symbol of Independence. In this case, the currency symbolizes the economic independence of Kazakhstan. At the exhibition, we display different interesting materials such as the first banknotes of the Tenge, souvenir coins as well as materials from the Soviet and pre-Soviet period. I think the exhibition will be very interesting for residents and visitors of the city,” said Director State Archive of Nur-Sultan City, Meiram Bektembayev.