Nur-Sultan Hosted Media and Public Consent Forum

Nur Sultan hosted the fourth international media forum, Media and Public Consent, organized by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

International experts and observers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan, and members of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan as well as representatives of republican and regional media took part in the forum.

As part of the media forum, winners of the annual creative competition, Shanyrak were awarded. The contest aims to support journalists involved in covering activities of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

“The topics include unity and harmony of ethnic groups. The role of media in covering the lives of nationalities that live in our country is huge. We would like to express our gratitude to journalists for actively covering these topics in media because it is important to demonstrate the high unity of people and the interethnic agreement. Thus, we wanted to review the results of the year,” said Deputy Chairperson of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Zhanseit Tuimebayev.

One of the winners of the competition is a correspondent of Kazakh TV, Zarina Assanova.

“Issues on interethnic harmony and activities of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan are among the most important topics in our information agenda. Therefore, I would like to express my deep sincere gratitude to the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan for encouraging and supporting our creative initiatives. I also want to thank our creative team of Kazakh TV because television is a big team work,” said Kazakh TV Correspondent, Contest Winner, Zarina Assanova.