Database of Remarkable Representatives of Ethnic Groups Created in Kazakhstan

Information on 50 prominent personalities who contributed to the development of the country has been provided in the capital. An expert group of scientists, historians and figures of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan presented a database with biographies of representatives of ethnic groups that left a bright mark in the historical and cultural heritage of the state.

Results of the project were presented in the capital at the Ethnic Groups of Kazakhstan: Contribution to Development of the Country conference. The publication includes personalities such as Taras Shevchenko, Latif Hamidi, Lev Gumilyov, Denis Ten and many others.

In total, scientists collected materials about 533 personalities. The experts analyzed their biographies and revealed interesting facts from their life and also studied their success stories.

“Our unity is in diversity. Today it is the backbone of our ideology. For future generations, this is one of the main precepts of our First President, the leader of the nation, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The role of non-titular ethnic groups in development of Kazakhstan is a rich field for research as well as expert research. Indeed, their contribution to the development of Kazakhstan’s economy, medicine, culture, sports, education and many other industries is invaluable,” said Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development, Dauren Abayev.

“First of all, we published a book to educate our youth based on the example. Using the example of important figures, we showed that representatives of different ethnic groups made a worthy contribution. For example, Zatayevich was a Polish exiled scientist who lived in Kazakhstan, studied and turned oral folk music into sheet music. Thanks to his enormous contribution, Kazakh folk art has been preserved in its original form,” said Chairperson of Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity of Kazakhstan Institute of Social Development, Kemelbek Oishybayev.

An electronic database of prominent personalities will be made available online. The book will replenish library funds. The project initiators said that the research work will be continued.