Implementation of Youth Projects in Kazakhstan

The Zhas Kasipker state program is introduced to teach the youth how to start and effectively run a business while at the same time find a suitable niche and ensure maximum profit.

The unique project, implemented by the Atameken National Chamber, was launched this year specially dedicated to the youth.

20,000 Kazakh citizens from 18 to 29 years old throughout the country have mastered useful business skills. 5,000 of the participants have opened their own businesses.

“This is a microbusiness, which involves mainly those who were unemployed, and today they are taking their first steps in starting their own businesses. During the course of the training, various business ideas are presented, evaluated, discussed and questioned as part of the study process. In general, the participants had to do a market research, test the niche market and then launch their business projects,” said Deputy Director of Department of Atameken National Chamber Of Entrepreneurs, Aset Sadvakasov,

There are an increasing number of free programs for the youth, introduced by the state. The programs also include social ideas, social projects and initiatives to improve the living environment as well as develop cities and villages. The state has launched a number of projects that provide an opportunity for innovators from Kazakhstan to contribute to the development of residential areas. One of the projects is the JasA project.

“Our JasA project is aimed at youth whose age ranges from 14 to 28. We were surprised by the fact that young people from villages and small towns were particularly active in this project. 104 projects are currently being implemented,” said Program Manager of JasA Project, Arsen Kambalov.

These are projects of a very different nature, such as sports grounds for children with disabilities or the installation of special benches and lighting devices. Experts said that most importantly, the main goal of the projects is to benefit the society. Five projects including the Academy of Youth Work were implemented this year by the community of young workers.

“We are currently implementing the Academy of Youth Work project together with the Department of Youth Policy in Atyrau region. There are four trainings and a conference as part of this project. Currently, we have carried out four trainings. We provided trainings to the youth. Such project has never been implemented anywhere else,” said Program Manager of Academy of Youth Work Project, Beisenali Karabayev.

Experts are confident that the projects launched as part of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan will contribute to the increasing of competitiveness between the young people in the labor market as well as to the development of Kazakhstan’s economy.