Nur-Sultan to Host Conference on Ethnic Groups in Kazakhstan: Contribution to State’s Development

Contribution of the ethnic groups in development of Kazakhstan will be the main theme of scientific and practical conference which will take place in the capital on November 12th.

The meeting is aimed at in-depth study of common culture and history of the country as well as popularization of national values. Scientists, historians and representatives of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan have gathered in Shymkent in the run-up to the event.

Experts have begun the casting of those who would be entered in the common database to become popular in Kazakhstan. They also say that these are the people who have greatly contributed to the development of economy, culture, literature and art as well as succeed in scientific and sports areas.

“This demonstrates a great mutual relationship. Of course, this is also a contribution to history. We only know people of the 19th century. However, there is little information about our contemporaries. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement them and create this informational database,” said Docent of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University, Gulzhan Sugirbayeva.