Nur-Sultan Hosted Meeting with Writer Zhabal Yergaliyev

The Year of Youth is close to completion. Various events on prompting, support, development of new traditions and continuity of generations were held as part of the initiative announced by the First President of Kazakhstan. Nur-Sultan has hosted a fruitful meeting where young people met with famous journalist, playwright and public figure, Zhabal Yergaliyev.

The event was organized by the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. The library staff said that such meetings are more effective rather than providing books.

“He shared his experience which is based on suggestio. This is more than reading his book in the social network. The young people gained knowledge and met with personalities. They could ask questions and exchange opinions with each other. This is a communication between the older, the middle and the younger generations. Communicating and sharing experience are the essence of such meeting,” said Deputy Director of Library of First President of Kazakhstan, Botagoz Kaipova.