What are Results of Youth Year in Kazakhstan?

Results of the work of the Youth Year in Kazakhstan have been resumed in Nur-Sultan.

Measures of state support provided for young people have been discussed at a meeting of Majilis, the Lower house of Kazakh Parliament.

Speakers said that the Government has developed a special Road Map which consists of 89 areas. 13 of the areas have been executed, while the rest are still on the stage of implementation.

In addition, the state provides a number of program measures including Zhas Maman and Zhas Kasipker projects for young entrepreneurs. 1.5 billion tenge has been allocated to train 20,000 people as part of Zhas Kasipker project.

“Zhas Maman and Zhas Kasipker programs are created in order to ensure the employment and income generation for young people. As part of these projects, in three years training of 210,000 young specialists is planned in hundreds of educational institutions. They will study the most in demand professions. This is a very good experience. This program is very special since it is implemented only in our country,” said Member of Majilis of Kazakh Parliament, Nurzhan Altayev.

Photо: ustinka.kz