Olimp Bookmakers Launched Unique Social Project in Taldykorgan

Sports betting company Olimp Bookmakers has launched a unique social project on development of mass children’s sport in Taldykorgan. The company has gifted football outfits and various sports equipment to all the schools in the city.

700 children from large and low-income families will be trained in schools for free. They will learn to play football based on a special program.

“The physical education teachers conduct the classes with the advisory support from the Zhetysu football center. We provide a special program on the training for them. The teachers receive a weekly synopsis and based on the plan, they work during the week with their little students in the gyms,” said Project Curator, Birzhan Baigaliyev.

The project is aimed not only at distribution of sports equipment and organization of trainings, but also at holding football tournament. Trips to various excursions and international football games are planned to be organized for children as well. The most talented students will be given an opportunity to watch the leading football clubs in Europe such as Chelsea, Barcelona and Sporting Lisbon.

“Our task was to cover the children from socially vulnerable families who have no opportunities to pay for themselves. We want Kazakh sport to develop further, we want the future of our sport to be bright and we can achieve it through our children. Olimp Bookmakers is ready to invest in our bright future as well,” said Spokesperson of Olimp Bookmakers, Assel Alimzhanova.

If the pilot project is successful, it will be introduced in the whole region and then in other regions in Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Olimp Bookmakers will develop football as well as other types of team sports.