UK is the most popular destination among Kazakh students

Every year, over 200 European universities allocate educational grants for Kazakh students. The United Kingdom has been the most popular destination among Kazakh students. Today, 80 PhD students from Kazakhstan have secured scholarship to study in the UK.

Senior PhD student at the Queen Mary University of London, Aigerim Umbetbayeva, is studying financial accounting mechanisms and its impact on attraction of investments.

Aigerim is a member of the Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting established by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

“My research about Kazakhstan has not been conducted before. This will be a systematic analysis of the impact of financial information in the world and in Kazakhstan as well. To date, there are a number of issues with regards to the preparation of financial reports. The quality of financial statements and certification of professionals in this field should be improved,” Umbetbayeva said.

Mukhit Kulmaganbetov is also a PhD student in the UK. He studies at Cardiff University in Wales, which is a top university. Mukhit is improving his knowledge in ophthalmology.

For several years, the aspiring scientist and his team have been researching one of the common causes of irreversible blindness, glaucoma. Mukhit said that glaucoma remains as one of the priority problems in both local and international ophthalmology. He wants to contribute to finding cure from the illness.

“The novelty of my research project is that by using artificial intelligence we can see the patient’s predisposition to glaucoma and to diagnose it in time. Once we complete this project with my English colleagues and start working with the clinics, we will be able to solve many problems in modern ophthalmology. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, we are studying machine learning. At the moment, we code large statistical and computer programs,” Kulmaganbetov said.

In the upcoming future, young scientists plan to apply their knowledge and experience which were gained abroad in Kazakhstan.