Unique Soil Testing Laboratory Opened in Nur-Sultan

The Kazakh Agro Technical University of Saken Seifullin has opened a unique laboratory for soil testing research, which has no analogs in Central Asia. The lab is designed to determine the composition of the soil. An analysis on 10 elements is being carried out at the laboratory.

“We can reduce the work from an hour to five minutes using the modern equipment. All metals, macro and microelements, salts and compounds are determined in the soil. We can also conduct research on all phases of the soil. This is an analysis of the liquid, gas and solid phases,” said Laboratory Researcher, Aigul Kasymkhankyzy.

A grant for modern equipment worth 300,000 Euros was provided by a German university. The laboratory which meets the European standard will allow local farmers to analyze the quality of the soil and, thus, increase the harvest in the fields.

“In the past, the farmers have been sending samples abroad to the US and Europe to do soil analyses. Now we have the opportunity to do it ourselves. We will train the experts who are working in this laboratory. We also need to expand this experience in other regions of Kazakhstan,” said Rector of Kazakh Agro Technical University, Akhylbek Kurishbayev

The laboratory is planned to establish cooperation not only with agricultural producers in Kazakhstan, but also in all Central Asian countries. Experts said that they have sufficient potential to fulfill internal and external orders.

Photо: 4geo.ru