Nur-Sultan Hosted Conference Dedicated to 125th Anniversary of Saken Seifullin

Nur-Sultan hosted the Saken Seifullin: Person and Time international conference, which was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the Kazakh literature poet.

Well-known local and foreign figures, civil servants, poets, writers and other creative intellectuals of the capital took part in the event. The speakers emphasized the special achievements by Seifullin in the formation and development of the Kazakh literature, and they also highlighted that it is very important to learn and promote his life and rich creative heritage.

“He was a great person and a real fighter. Despite the political differences, he managed to have an influence on the Bolsheviks in favor of our people, our nation. He was a really outstanding person. We were called as Kyrgyz-Kaisaks as well as Kircik by the Government until 1925. Saken Seifullin managed to change this. If you read the literature written in those times, you will notice that our names and surnames were written distortedly. We owe it to this outstanding person,” said Chairperson of Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, Ulykbek Yesdaulet.