Kazakhstan Develops Support Program for Kazakhs Abroad

The Otandastar Foundation announced its plan to support ethnic Kazakhs abroad. In addition, discussions were also held on encouraging the return of ethnic Kazakhs to their historical homeland.

The Foundation has launched a Road Map for education and preservation of Kazakh language. The main point of the program includes the development of state program and project of law on support of Kazakhs abroad and their voluntary resettlement as well as coordination of call centers and public receptions.

“To date, the work is being carried out on learning the experience of foreign countries on supporting the compatriots and practice of their returning to the historical homeland. Targeted expert research is being conducted as well. As a result of this work, we will develop proposals and prepare the final materials which will be provided to the relevant authorities,” said Vice President of Otandastar Foundation, Magauiya Sarbasov.

Photo: azattyq.org