Selection for Presidential Youth Staff Reserve

Three stages of selection for the Presidential Youth Staff Reserve have been completed.

Today applicants have submitted their documents and they have also taken a test as well as undergone verification testing. All selection procedures were held in accordance with the formation rules for the reserve, which are approved by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan.

Over 13,000 applicants applied during the initial registration to take part in the selection. More than 7,000 people have submitted their full application. Candidates include 46 people who reside beyond the territory of Kazakhstan. Most of these applicants live in Russia, the USA, the UK and Turkey.

“The test is aimed at determining the skill sets of applicants to work with complex information. The test consisted of two sections: verbal and numerical. The test determined the level of people’s analytical and critical thinking as well as the level of logic. 5,745 candidates took part in the test. Results of this stage were calculated automatically,” said Chairperson of Kazakhstan’s Agency for Public Service Affairs, Anar Zhailganova.

The applicants are going through the next stage, which is the Assessment of Potential. The participants will be interviewed by the end of November.

The final decision on admission to the reserve will be made by the National Commission.

Young Kazakhs will have the opportunity to be hired to senior management and leadership positions.