Sociological Profile of Neet Youth in Kazakhstan

The sociological profile of the Neet generation in Kazakhstan was made by experts at the ‘Youth’ research center.

The experts studied the key problems and challenges of youth associated with employment as well as the degree of their participation in state programs.

Director of Youth Research Center, Galymzhan Kusmangali said that the research was conducted in 17 regions. The total number amounted to 2,000 respondents.

The most recognizable among the respondents were state programs such as ‘With a Diploma to the Village’, ‘Youth Practice’, ‘Zhasyl Yel’ and the international scholarship ‘Bolashak’.

The experts of the center developed a number of special recommendations via results of the survey.

“The first recommendation is the orientation of youth policy towards long-term targeted work with various youth groups. The second is the activation of work on conducting information events at the place of residence of young people. The third recommendation is conducting outreach activities and classroom hours with parents of students. The next suggestion is the involvement of students in extracurricular events with the creation of free leisure centers for young people,” said Chief Expert, of Youth Research Center, Mariyam Kusainova.

Neet includes the youth who is unemployed and currently not undergoing school training. The program was first used in the United Kingdom at the end of the 20th century. It is then adopted by other countries as well.