Aral Sea Basin – Foundation of Sustainable Development in Central Asia

Researchers study the economic, environmental and social impacts of the Aral Sea on the Central Asian region. Results of the works were published in a special collection.

Experts highlighted that they have been monitoring and analyzing the sea for two years. In total, 60 scientists have contributed to the scientific publication. Half of them are specialists from Central Asia.

The scientists have come to the conclusion that restoring and preserving transboundary waters of the Aral Sea basin is of great importance for ensuring sustainable development and socio-economic prosperity of the region.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan remains a reliable partner in resolving these global issues, said one of the book editors.

“Due to the Kazakhstan efforts for the north Aral Sea, we have restored the northern part, a very large extent, nearly 70-80%. It is not easy to restore the entire Aral Sea. This needs quite inter-regional efforts,” said book editor, Stefanos Xenarios.