Projects of Khabar Agency Showcased at MIPCOM

Films, TV series and programs of Khabar Agency were showcased at the World’s Entertainment Content Market.

The Khabar Agency stand attracted the attention of participants who arrived from all over the world. Some of the visitors were familiar with the TV content of the agency while others were introduced to the TV programs for the first time.

Khabar arrived for the exhibition not only to find foreign interesting TV series but also to offer its own premieres. 

“Our goal is to both find the unique content for our viewers and to offer and distribute our content all over the world. There is interest in our content. Some of the TV companies and broadcasters have asked recommendations from us on how to promote their content,” said Chairperson of Khabar Agency, Yerlan Bekhozhin.

Meanwhile, Kazakh TV which is part of Khabar will broadcast in Armenia. This was concluded by the Agency’s management team.

Kazakhstan’s first satellite channel broadcasts in 118 countries in five languages at the same time. The target audience is international viewers who might be interested in history, culture and nature of Kazakhstan.

Cooperating with a big distributor, the Agency plans to broadcast its content in Armenia via cable and satellite networks.

“Kazakhs and Armenians have always been close to each other. A lot of Armenians live in Kazakhstan. Some of them returned to their historical homeland from Kazakhstan. I think they will gladly watch our content,” Director of Kazakh TV, Maiya Bekbayeva.

Фото: Хабар 24