Forum on Urban Water Resources Management was Held in Nur-Sultan

Nazarbayev University has become a member of the International Water Association. This was announced at the Forum of Urban Water Resources Management in the capital. Experts from Japan, Belgium and the Netherlands took part in the forum.

Event participants paid attention to the necessity of exchange of experience and modern international practice in water resources management.

Moreover, the experts defined the importance of attracting investments, development of eco-systems and the introduction of new approaches on the improvement of effective usage of the water resources in different areas of economy.

It will be a huge opportunity for the university to have access to knowledge, then to put together academia, policymakers and water practitioners from the water companies.

According to Deputy Chairperson of International Water Association Committee, Teodor Popa, the International Water Association is looking for cooperation in this region in order to increase the visibility of the water issues across the globe.

“When we are in foreign countries we normally ask the country which topics in our case, economic and finance are you interested in. Then mostly they ask like how do you compose your tariffs, how is the financial structure of your utilities and things like that. We talk also about bad payments, about statistics where you can see the difference between the different cities and different countries. We try to exchange our knowledge with that country,” said Chairperson of International Water Association Committee, Ed Smiths.