‘Smart Cities, Smart Destinations’ Declaration was Signed in Nur-Sultan

The ‘Smart Cities, Smart Destinations’ declaration was signed based on results of meetings of the 8th World Tourism Organization’s Global Summit in Nur-Sultan. The agreement is aimed at the increase of tourism potential of Kazakhstan’s capital.

Participants of 80 countries arrived for the summit, including experts in tourism industry, foreign consultants as well as representatives of the big international tourism associations and private organizations. During discussions, the experts have shared their thoughts on tourism development.

“Tourism is one of the most important topics nowadays because it brings visibility and brings investment. So if you don’t communicate, don’t show the beauty of the country, the culture, investment opportunities and so on, people will always interpret you. Kazakhstan has so many things from the desserts to the mountains, from skiing to swimming. We have to inform people about it,” said Director of Austrian PR Company, Christoph Gretzmacher.

Photo: Хабар 24