Institute of Tourism and Hospitality will be opened in Nur-Sultan

Nur-Sultan is becoming a business center and attracting an increased number of tourists. The capital sets the goal of joining the list of 50 best tourism destinations. This was discussed at the 8th UNWTO Global Summit.

The forum participants said that the main city of Kazakhstan has shown dynamic growth. In 21 years, the territory has tripled while the population increased from 280,000 to over one million. Smart technologies, logistics and security will be further developed in Nur-Sultan in order to increase tourism attractiveness.

“We definitely see it as a great opportunity because we have around 300-400 people that came from abroad. So for us it’s not only discussions about smart cities, smart destinations, it’s very important for development of tourism and sharing the experience and knowledge,” said Deputy Director of Astana Convention Bureau, Helena Mahuas.

Based on the tourism development program for 2019-2025, Kazakhstan plans to increase the share of the tourism industry in the country’s GDP. The state also plans to make tourism one of the drivers of economy. Private investments are planned to be attracted as well as the potential in the area will be increased.

According to CEO of Saudi Arabian Company, Craig Smith, one of the hottest markets in tourism now is adventure tourism. It doesn’t mean climbing highest mountains or racing down rapid river. It means seeing beautiful places, including the countryside.

“There’s another element in Kazakhstan that I truly appreciate and that is preservation of cultures. In China, we see, in Beijing and Shanghai, the disappearance of real cultural connection,” he added.

This year, the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality will be opened in Nur-Sultan. The new university will focus on training experts in tourism and will cooperate with international universities. According to the Mayor’s Office of the capital, this will lead to the increase in tourist traffic.