Kazakhstan and China: Cooperation in Education

Kazakh students and teachers have been introduced to China’s educational system and culture. This summer the Kazakh students and teachers arrived in Chengdu city and visited one of the leading international schools.

To date, over 8,000 children study in school. Students enjoy a good study environment and comfortable living conditions.

The main feature of the school is that kids study more than 400 subjects. Before lunch, children study the basic program. Then, they attend additional classes. For example, in addition to the basic music class, there is a modern instrument class. There is also an ancient Chinese art class.

The English language class is a compulsory subject. Moreover, students study French, German, Japanese, Arabic and Russian. The school partners with leading international universities. The school authorities plan to strengthen cooperation with Kazakhstan as well.

“We are pleased to welcome students and teachers from Kazakhstan. Your students visited our school for the first time. I expect that we will further continue to work with you,” said School Principal, Huang Bo.

Education in China is considered as the right path to success. Therefore, Chinese students are very diligent and willing to study.

“Exchange of experience is a great opportunity to learn and study. Our students have been studying Chinese for two years. Now they got the opportunity to discover traditions of Chinese writing. In addition, the students have found answers to their questions. They were worried whether to connect their future with this country,” said School Principal, Karlygash Zhangazakova.

The trip to China was organized as part of the Youth Year in Kazakhstan with support of the Embassy of China in Kazakhstan. During the tour, the students have studied the language and discovered culture, history and sights of the country.

Photo: zagran.guru