Values of Kazakh Society Presented in Nur-Sultan

The valuable image of Kazakh society was presented in the capital.

A team of Kazakh scientists showcased the two-year research project at the platform of the Institute of World Economics and Politics.

Experts said that 1,600 people were involved in the project initiated by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Participants included both urban and rural residents from all over the country.

PhD Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Botagoz Rakisheva said that it took almost 40 minutes to fill the survey. It was divided into sections related to political, family, civil and labor values. There was a social and demographic section indicating main socio-demographic parameters such as gender, age, nationality and representation of different groups of the population. The result is a mini model of Kazakh society.

“To date, a family is considered as the highest value for all the segments of society including youth. This is an obvious result of our research. In this case, traditions contribute to a modernization process establishing a solid foundation,” said Scientific Editor of Project, Leonid Gurevich.