The 3rd volume of ‘Sacral Kazakhstan’ encyclopedia will be published this year

The third volume of the ‘Sacral Kazakhstan’ encyclopedia will be published this year. This was announced at the Map of Holy Places of Kazakhstan international scientific-practical conference.

Ancient monuments in Kostanai, Kyzylorda, Karagandy and Zhambyl regions will be included into the new collection.

As part of the project, a five-volume encyclopedia is planned to be published. The list of national Holy places in the country has been expanded due to the initiative of the project.

Previously, there were 100 monuments in the country and now the number has increased to 206 monuments. These monuments were introduced to the members of the Scientific Expert Council based on the recommendation of local scientists and historians. A new map has been developed based on the researches that were done.

The list of historical figures has been compiled to learn important events that happened in ancient history.

As part of the project, a two-month ‘In the Footsteps of Al-Farabi’ expedition will start next year. A team of scientists will visit the places where Al-Farabi had been to. Foreign scientists also showed their support for the national initiative which is dedicated to the 1,150th anniversary of the philosopher.

Meanwhile, 150 historians from seven countries attended the international conference.

“Turkic-speaking nations have common roots. The fraternal countries have a common history. We conduct research with local scientists in Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. A new project has been started in Turkistan region. The project is aimed)to create an aerial image of the Holy land as well as analyze the historical landmarks and discover new facts,” said PhD, Turkish Professor, Abdullah Karcak.

56 archaeological excavations have taken places and 25 historical monuments have been restored since the start of the Map of Holy Places of Kazakhstan project. Scientists assured that these works will continue.