Kazakh students visited Shaolin monastery

Kazakh students have visited Shaolin monastery. The famous temple is located in Song Shan Mountain in central China. The temple was established back in 495 AD with support of Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty. To date, it is a place of pilgrimage for tourists.

Kazakh students were very impressed by discovering Shaolin and Chinese culture. They have witnessed the Buddhist monastery which they knew only from films.

The temple made a huge impression on Kazakh students. They learned a lot about teachings of Buddha and lit candles and made a wish along with other visitors. The students said that such journeys contribute to expansion of their worldview and to thorough understanding of the world.

“My point of view on China has changed. This trip exceeded my expectations about the country. I’ve learned a lot about myself, China, culture, mentality and traditions,” said student, Dilnaz Tokybayeva.

After paying a visit to the Shaolin Buddhist temple, Kazakh students visited a school of martial arts. The students were delighted by the colorful presentation.

As part of the Youth Year, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan organized the cultural journey specially for the students who learn Chinese. During the week-long tour, the students visited four cities and discovered the unique Chinese culture.

Photo: fishki.net