Nur-Sultan will Host Global Summit on Urban Tourism

Nur-Sultan  will Host Global Summit on Urban Tourism

The Global Summit on Urban Tourism will be held for the first time in Nur-Sultan from October 9th to 12th.

The main theme of this particular event will be the ‘Smart cities – Smart destinations.’

The event will be organized by the Mayor’s Office of the capital and the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

More than 700 delegates from 30 countries are expected to attend the summit.

The discussion program includes issues on sustainable development, urban governance, innovations and technologies as well as current tourism trends. A summit declaration is planned to be signed to conclude the event.

“Various experts from around the world including the city representatives, companies, corporate tourism organization will be discussing how ‘Smart cities – Smart destinations’ can help the development of destinations itself and determine the challenges of today’s tourism. It is the great opportunity to introduce the capital, the country, Kazakhstan,” said Deputy Director of «Astana Conversation Bureau», Helena Mahuas.