Khabar Agency Announced Casting Contest of TV Presenters

Khabar Agency constantly innovates to improve its activities in order to stay up to date and be in line with the trends of modernity.

The Agency has announced a large-scale casting contest of TV presenters on its Instagram account.

The first stage starts on September 17th while the second stage will be held from October 7th to 14th. The third and final stage will be organized from October 14th to 23rd.

The main requirements of the contest include age of 18 years old and above and own an Instagram account. The contest is open to the public.

“The idea of the casting is to hire more professionals in the media and journalism industry. The main requirement is that the participant is a citizen, professional and pleasant. Intelligence is the main criteria for us,” said First Deputy Chairperson of Khabar Agency, Rinat Kertayev.